Heirloom Collection from Fleming & Howland

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Heirloom Collection from Fleming & Howland

Hardly anyone knows about a long established, highly reputable and luxurious British company called Fleming & Howland, but everyone will know about the furniture company that incorporated them into their brand, Chesterfield. Chesterfield has the reputation of being the best classic furniture for a long time and rightly so. You may not love the Chesterfield furniture as a sofa to sit on in your front room, or even as a stool in your bedroom, but none the less, you will recognise the sheer quality and craftsmanship that this product is ingrained with. And just for the record, I would love a Chesterfield sofa/chair/stool and anything else available!

Fleming & Howland began in 1780. Using high-grade skins and golden rivets that have long been their recognizable trade mark. A shoemaker and attendee at Cordwainer’s, Solomon Howland left the footwear business behind and tried his hand at furniture making. The Howlands were self-employed craftsmen for three generations. The family successfully continued this trade through to the 19th century. Frequently commissioned by the lavish fashion houses of London. Inevitably in the 20th Century, modern production techniques pushed traditional furniture making and upholstery out of the industry in its entirety. Five generations later, John Howland took on his nephew John Fleming. This young apprentice continued the techniques to produce hand made furniture, just as his fore fathers had done so.

Fifty years later Fleming & Howland still use these skills to produce some of the finest collections of furniture world wide. The Classic collection combines both classic hand making skills with modern manufacturing to get the very best product. Not shying away from more time-consuming techniques, the leather is hand-coloured to guarantee the desired finish of the leather.

In 2009, Fleming & Howland were granted the ‘Chesterfields’ trademark due to their acknowledged heritage. They remain a family business to this day. Now go and have a look at some of their beautiful product and don’t be scared to splash out on an amazing product that will give you years of joy.

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