A few Customs from Diversitile

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For my eye and taste in footwear, some people/brands out there really hit the nail on the head. Generally you won’t find me making a post about something I don’t like, although I will not be shy to point out aspects or elements that I dislike. One of these people/brands in footwear I always look forward to seeing (their latest release or what they are working on or generally follow) are Diversitile. Based in central Florida this group has been customising all aspects of fashion clothing and footwear for some time and been doing it with great skill and forethought into the design. The level of expertise required to achieve what they do sometimes bordering factory line small volume output, (which is not an insult I assure you!) for hand decorated, de-constructed, re-crafted footwear in my opinion is of an exceptional standard.

This post in particular is for me to reaffirm my interest in custom clothing and shoes to you the reader, as previously pointed out in my intro to custom sneakers. I will be doing more on other custom kicks, such as Nash Money and Sekure D but this opener into this underground world is dedicated to the good work of Diversitile.com.

A favourite of mine – Nike Dunk: Let’s Play

Wow, as simple as that… Wow. Absolutely amazing custom sneaker. This style is more than a year old and few pairs were made. I assure you, that is not because there was no demand for them because they may look like beasts to some. In my mind this style really made Diversitile customs stand out, when I first stumbled upon this shoe, with out even reading the text, I knew it was Chucky’s shoe, do you know  who Chucky is? Do a little research, maybe watch the movie… The denim dungerees pocket, bold orange highlight, resemblances of the stripy T-shirt – aspects of the dolls clothing, topped off with a blood splattered tick. The inspiration is subtle enough to pass you by and wonder why the leather toe (fake human skin) was stapled together and emblazoned the fake stitched. This shoe opened my eyes to the world of customs and I have no doubt it will carry on to do the same for many other people.

I don’t think you have to be a sneakerhead or into your fashion to appreciate that this is not just a fashion statement it is a work of art. Check out Diversitiles latest re-make of let’s Play, cunningly named Let’s Play 2. And be sure to take a look at the good work done at Diversitile.com

Here is a new addition to the Diversitile custom range.



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